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Human Resources

Human Resources, a dedicated team of experienced professionals who work in HR department to handle the entire workforce of an organisation from Hire-to-Retire stages. They act as a bridge between employees and management of the company, define and implement HR policies, assign the workforce to workload, build the relationship among all employees, develop better working environment and cultural activities, handle hiring processes, coordinate between the candidates and interviewer, maintain the vital records, documents, credentials of the employees, review employee's performance for appraisal and promotion, assess them for training and development, identify the best talents and retain them, process payroll, disburse their salary in time, handle grievances and welfare, and also sometime act as an advocate to employees. Hence, the employees are considered as primary asset to the organisation. Finally, HR means a representative committee to both employees and management in the organisation.

In general, an organisation employs various kinds of professionals based on nature of the business. The HR department of the organisation will define a complete HR policies with respect to interest of the management and type of the business. It helps to streamline HR processess within the company which are followed by employees to ensure the business running smoothly and acheive the goals of the company.

Moreover, HR department establishes the relationship among employees and employer that maintains the same with all levels of employees. It plays an important role to connect all employees, departments and processes functioning together towards growth of the business. Mindwise Solutions is a complete expertise to act as an extended HR arm to enterprises by "Innovation in Business & Strategies in Method".

Our Services


A comprehensive HR Consulting services are the best practice that defines a dynamic HR system to function the enterprise successfully and streamlines HR processes effectively. It helps to analyse the performance of the employees or the company.


A well defined process based recruitment system helps to identify the right candidate to the enterprises and follows various recruitment strategies to fill up the positions that depends upon type the employment. It saves more time and reduces the cost.


Every organisation promises to pay the salary in time to their employees that can be possible only when an organisation has a solid Payroll system which gives more accuracy in results, salary slips to employees and various statements and reports.

Our Process


Our consulting experts designs a detailed HR plan and workflow with respect to nature of client's business and guides all employees to follow them at their work to bring out the quality of work and increase the productivity to the organisation.


Talent Management is an example here in our process that handles different phases of recruitment cycle from identifying right resources to deploying them at task. It will vary that depends upon the type of client's business and hiring mode.


All HR processes are inter-connected with each other that forms a dynamic HR system which ensures all HR functionality in the organisation. The performance of HR people also can be monitored at various level to maintain the quality.

Our Customer Relationship Business includes


  • HR Consulting services
  • Recruitment & Staffing services
  • Campus/Walk-In Recruitment services
  • Payroll & Statutory Compliance services
  • Skills Training & Development services
  • On-Boarding Support services
  • Interview Co-Ordination services
  • Employment Verification services


  • HR Practice
  • HR Solutions


  • Customised Application Software
  • Web based Application Software
  • Android Mobile/Tablet Software
  • E-Commerce Portal, Payment Gateway Integration
  • Website design, development, maintenance and hosting.
  • Logo, Brochure, Templates, Documentation
  • Content Management System
  • Search Engine Optimization