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Mindwise Solutions, the dedicated people for HR consulting services to manufacturing, engineering, technology and service-based industries. Our services refers to "Services that smash all hindrances of the business."


In general, consulting is a detailed study and analyse on specific area of an existing system or new system where business processes or functionality of a business unit. HR Consulting is done by domain-based experts towards business goals / objectives of the company for a start-up business, business expansion, enhancement on existing HR processes. It helps to introduce a new concept or improve the efficiency of an existing HR system.

However, HR consulting refers a complete study on HR functionalities of an organisation. Some companies keep changing their HR functionality whenever their management changes its decision that results poor performance of the HR department. That’s why HR consulting has become an important part of today’s business. The Workforce management should be streamlined through HR processes that ensures the growth of the business. Mindwise Solutions provides an enriched HR consulting services to the clients with prediction of all changes, all benefits and its consequences and support them forever.

Our experts will analyse and do the following:

  • Defining HR System, HR Audit, HR Manual
  • Defining workflow, Roles and responsibilities
  • Assessment and Competency mapping
  • Alignment setting in position hierarchy
  • Designing Job Description, Recruitment plan and strategies
  • Better practice plan on Hire to Retire processes
  • Attendance, Leave, Salary, Payroll and other allowances
  • Employee rights, benefits, welfare, grievance, KPI, KRA
  • Performance and Appraisal, Training and Development
  • Filtering malpractice and integrity in HR processes
  • Ways to manage Conflict and Stress at workplace.


Recruitment, our energetic recruitment experts help clients to build the workforce to their organisation by adopting various sourcing techniques, method and strategies to reach the right candidates. Our systematic approach, value added processes, a well-defined workflow would reduce the risk factors in recruitment and ease to fill the positions. Our recruitment team are capable of understanding the requirement of the client and fulfil their expectation with satisfaction.

Our End-to-End Recruitment assistance towards for 1) Position based Recruitment: One or more positions, 2) Projects based Recruitment: All level positions of a project team, 3) Campus Recruitment: Recruiting people at premises of an institution, 4) Walk-in Recruitment: Recruiting people at a specific place & time.

Staffing is the process of acquiring, deploying, and retaining the workforce in an organisation. It is one of the significant HR function used to fill up the vacancies available. In our staffing process, our well-defined workflow helps us in tracking the status of each requirement and supporting to our clients promptly to keep our promises and satisfy them.

Permanent staffing (Direct Hire) It establishes the link between job-seeker and job-provider in the event of employment. In this method, Mindwise solutions acts as a Recruiter and helps the clients in identifying the candidates available for their job openings through various sourcing techniques, evaluating them by detailed discussion, mapping the suitable candidates to the requirement, shortlisting them by different level of interviews, and finally selecting the right candidates who are directly hired by the clients and then become the direct employees of the client. Their salary is paid periodically by the client which they agreed upon. Thus, Mindwise solutions assists to the clients in many ways to fill up their vacancies.

Contract staffing (Demand Hire) It gives an additional responsibility to the recruitment consultant who hires the right candidates and deploying them to the client. In this mode, the recruitment consultant takes the complete responsibility of HR activities against deploying the resources and pay the agreed salary to the resources. This is also known as Temporary Staffing. The period of the deployment might be for short term or long term that depends upon the workload or status of project of the client. The resources who are deployed to accomplish the specific tasks would be relieved from the project once completed. These resources would gain more knowledge and experience by working on different kinds of projects.

Contract to Hire Staffing (Dynamic Hire) It is a combination of Permanent and Contract staffing methods. Once the requirements are confirmed by the client, in the first phase, the contract staffing procedures are followed, and then after reviewing the performance of the resources, the second phase, permanent staffing procedures are followed in which the best resources are observed by the client. Hence, it is generally considered as fool-proof staffing. On confirmation, resources are transferred to the clients. Many clients would prefer this method of staffing to balance the hiring risks and also take the advantage for getting the right resources to the company.

Workforce Staffing (Design Hire) It is a complete risk free staffing method that keeps away the clients from recruitment risks and HR activities which are completely handled by Mindwise Solutions. This method gives more relaxation to the clients who can concentrate on the growth of their business. On confirmation, our HR people can build the entire work-force of the unit or project and deploy them at work till completion of the work. The payroll process for the workforce would be handled by Mindwise Solutions, however the performance of them would be assessed by the client periodically to improve the productivity if needed.


Payroll is an accountability process of an employee’s work in regular interval by which the employee gets offered as salary, allowances and other benefits that agreed upon. Payroll involves performing many tasks to ensure accurate and timely pay checks and payroll tax and record-keeping. Moreover, the compensation would be varying person to person, based on grade level and performance of the employee. Payroll processes can be divided into 3 stages 1) Pre-Payroll Processes. 2) Payroll Execution Processes. and 3) Post-Payroll Processes.

In the modern business, payroll management is a tedious and monotonous task to every organisation. Payroll process starts with collecting employee details, salary structure of each employee, approved timesheets of the employees, payroll schedule, computing all earnings and deductions, payment of salary and wages, preparation of payslip and various kinds of reports. such as salary statement, salary deductions statement, bank statement, TDS statement and PF & ESI payable statement, overtime and incentive statement, insurance statement, loan statement, etc., Hence, the organisation prefers the automation of payroll process by choosing Payroll software or externally appointing payroll experts.

A team called PayPeople who undertake the entire payroll processes for our clients that keeps tracking of attendance, leave, earnings, deductions, arrears, allowances, insurance, taxable components, advance, loan, type of payroll, pay method and details of the employees.

Phases of Payroll Processes:

  • Enrolment and disenroll of employees in payroll
  • Maintaining the Salary structure of the employees
  • Computing Earning & Deductions of the employees
  • Maintenance of hours / days (Time Sheet) worked
  • Leave Records Management
  • Maintenance of arrears, allowances, loan details
  • Maintaining records of PT Tax PF ESI Insurance
  • Preparation of Pay advice (Payslip) periodically
  • Preparation Salary, Bank & MIS Statement
  • Preparation of Form16
  • Balancing and reconciling payroll data
  • Rollback, Full settlement


Statutory Compliance refers to the legal framework within which organizations must operate in the treatment of their employees. Every country has several hundreds of federal and state labour laws that companies need to align with. It is essential for any organization to be successful in today’s legal environment. HR compliance should be treated as a process of defining both individual and group behaviours to ensure the organization’s applicable laws and policies are followed.

Compliance is the act of obeying an order, rule, or request: It is the job of the inspectors to enforce compliance with the regulations. It is a continuing process in which the involved parties keep on looking for better ways to protect the health, safety, and fundamental rights of their employees, and to protect and enhance the community and environment in which they operate.

Statutory compliance under various labour laws has to be ensured by establishments. It is not just limited to the statutory deposits, returns and records to be maintained by the employer under various labour laws, but also to represent them in case of prosecution under various statutes.

  • PF, ESI, PT filing & remittance for the clients
  • PF – Claims, Transfer, Settlement & Loan Processing
  • EDLI – Account Management
  • ESI – Claims Processing
  • KYC - Employees details
  • Enforcing Labour Law services
  • Statutory Inspections at client site


Services that smash all hindrances of the business is the primary objective for Customer Support in Business which is followed by Mindwise Solutions. Our HR specialists are capable of handling all kinds of HR related tasks and accomplishing them in the professional manner. They will strictly follow up the instructions of the client and record all requests raised by clients. They will provide appropriate solution in time and submit the report to client periodically. Thus, our HR experts helps to improve the efficiency of HR department and reduces the burden of the client that ensures smooth functioning of their HR department.

Facilitation and Support:
  • Customised Recruitment Processes
  • Campus Recruitment Strategies
  • Interview Co-Ordination Support
  • Candidate On-Boarding Support
  • Maintenance of Employee Documents
  • HR assistance at client premises
  • Reminder / Follow-up process
  • Conducting Assessment tests
  • Employment Verification

  • Handling employee grievance
  • Monitoring employee performance
  • Collection of approved time-sheets
  • Reimbursement & Claim processes
  • Arranging of Employees Identity Cards
  • Arranging of Employees Attendance Cards
  • Designing HR document templates
  • Preparing various HR reports