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Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a framework that defines the tasks performed at each step in the software development process. It is a structure followed by a development team within the software organization. It consists of a detailed plan and describes how to design, develop, maintain, support, and replace specific software. It defines a methodology for improving the quality of software and the overall development process.

Some methodologies provide the necessary framework to guide the challenging and complex process with an aim to avoid costly mistakes and expedite development, all of which have the same goal of moving physical or software-based systems through phases. The term “project” implies that there is a beginning and an end to the cycle and the methods inherent in a systems development life cycle strategy provide clear, distinct, and defined phases of work in the elements of planning, designing, testing, deploying, and maintaining information systems. SDLC consists of the following activities:

Requirement Gathering & Analysis: Requirement gathering and analysis are usually done by highly skilled experts in the organization. After the requirements are gathered from the client, a scope document is created in which the scope of the project is determined and documented.

Designing: The entire business processes are put on the table for designing an application that are grouped on basis of functionality, processes, reports and data.

Development: All business processes, business concepts, business logics and various customised reports are implemented through coding and integrated to make a complete workflow of the new application. API will be included if needed in the application.

Testing & QA: This is the process of finding defects or bugs in the software developed. The modules developed by project team are now moving through testing phases by functional testing, System testing, database testing, etc, and validation on user data and security password.

Customisation: All data required for business processes are loaded and configured, setting up all default values and database, default security, customised report formats are set up.

Deployment: After client approval, the new application software is deployed at place where the business users can continue their works using through new application.

Maintenance & Support: The newly developed business application would be under observation for improvements, analysis, updating and solving issues. etc periodically.

Application Development

An application (APP) that refers to a software which is developed with a purpose or towards automation of business processes. It accepts various set of data for computing and gives the results accurately which are stored in the database and maintained for future use.


Custom Application refers to an application software which is designed to specific business of the client that would cover all required functionality of that business. Mindwise Solutions has a team of highly skilled personnel to develop Stand-Alone or Customised application software at reasonable cost by an appropriate / suitable technology.

Before developing an application, the expert team would undergo an in-depth study on existing business processes, functionalities, workflow, various reports and legacy database, and then develop a functional specification document with highlighting all required improvements and guidelines which implies that how the new system would be available.

Now, all processes, modules, various customised reports are developed / implemented with proper coding, and then they are integrated to connect with database as per functional specification. After that testing and QA process are done. Finally, after completion of evaluation process, new application is deployed at place with error-free and user-friendly.


Web-based Application refers to a browser-based multi-user environment application software that would be used by many users simultaneously from different locations globally. Mindwise Solutions develops various web-based interactive application that depends upon the business requirement of the client. It contains many layers in which business relevant processes, business strategies, data security, users’ management, business reports are integrated to make a complete system.

Mostly all Web-based E-Commerce applications are jointly developed by proper coding and connected with API which are needed for implementing business components, and purpose of the application. It will have an additional layer ie. Payment Gateway through which the business transaction happens instantly between the customer and company. For example, when a customer buys a product or service from the company. Moreover, it will have additional modules like Cart Management, Billing Management, Logistics Management and Delivery Status. The payment gateway that establishes a secured link for making the payment for business transactions.


In recent days, most of the mobile users prefer mobile apps that facilitates the users to do many tasks instantly without moving anywhere and assistance of others. They can complete their tasks in few seconds whichever they would like to do so. It is an emerging platform where the companies can directly deal with the end-customers through their own mobile apps or other various mobile apps.

All major business houses start selling their products or services to the end-customers through their mobile apps and try to collect the details of them instantly. The details of the customer are then analysed for business analytics, decision-making and survey. The business companies are slowly moving to Mobile Apps to reach out the market and users with so many discount / offers.

Mobile Apps become popular as they are more user-friendly and portability. For example., ticket booking, online shopping, making payment to utilities, Audio/Video calling /conferencing, Video recording, Camera, Music, Movies, Games, mailing, chatting, banking, messaging, navigation, photography and job applying etc.


Website is not only a technology for displaying the text content and picture over the internet which is a gateway of an unimaginable new Web World for everything that should be always alive by design, color, uniqueness in attraction, essence of the content and also easy to use. Hence, Mindwise Solutions gives more importance to develop a complete relevant website to the clients that acts an ambassador to their business or advertisement agent for them. Now-a-days, the website has become an essential part of the business that helps in many ways to attract the customers and business. There are various kinds of interactive/responsive websites which attracts the customers based on purpose of the application, functions built-in, dynamic user-interface and user friendly.

Mindwise Solutions gives the top most priority to understand the nature of the client's business and their requirement on the website. It provides comprehensive website to the clients by uniqueness in layout design, template development, API integration, open-source programming and animation effect. The website being developed here will certainly attract the customers through the fantastic layout and design.


Our Web-Works team undertakes various kinds of web-related designing / graphical / digital works as follow.

  • Enhancement on existing websites.
  • Maintenance and Hosting of clients’ Websites
  • Blog, Social Media Profile for Individual/Company
  • User Interface System
  • Content Management System
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Presentation, Documentation, Content Writing
  • Logo, Brochure, Letter Head, Business Card
  • Preparation of User/Technical Manual.
  • Internet / Digital Marketing projects