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HR department is a vital department in any organisation that undertakes all HR related tasks for the benefits of all employees and solves their grievances if any. It acts as a bridge between Employees and Employer and also maintains the relationship among them.

Today, the growth of a business entirely depends on how you define and deploy the quality of HR functions in the organisation. To do so, an experienced HR Leader should be hired first who should be able to architect HR functionalities best suited to the business. All other departments should be integrated with HR department that ensures smooth functioning of an organisation and makes business successful. We develop various innovative HR processes which helps HR people to accomplish their tasks in a better way that can be monitored and audited at the time of HR practice. HR Practice enhances Human capital value in manufacturing, engineering, technology and services-based organisations. Our HR consulting phases are in the order of Discuss, Design, Develop, Demonstrate, Deploy and Disengage, etc which mainly focus on helping the clients to improve their productivity and efficiency.

When the growth of a business is confirmed, the need of talent is also evolved there. Hence, hunting for right talents would be a challengeable task to HR department. Our HR practice includes review on various existing HR functions, defining suitable HR plans, HR policies, HR strategies and implementing them with respect to nature of the client's business, setting up hire to retire processes, talent management, setting up performance & appraisal system, restructuring organisation’s position hierarchy, career guidance and growth plan, and identification of training required by skills and working culture.

There are several HR processes that have to be integrated to form an acceptable HR system. To achieve this, people hierarchy and their responsibilities of an organisation should be confirmed in advance.


Business Solutions Consulting is a team of six business consultants. Each consultant specializes in a particular discipline, including finance, sales and marketing, technology, management, operations, and human resources. All expertise does re-engineering the business processes of the client to streamline it for better improvement of the business. Mindwise Solutions is mainly focusing on Human Resources Consulting.


Planning is a primary process for any actions where you design, direct and desire the results by intrinsic forecasting whereas a well-designed business plan would help in reducing the risks and direct the business towards the results. While planning, we have to look at the possible / suitable strategies that should be followed to frame out a business plan and an alternative plan of action to support the primary business plan. In designing we need to consider all parameters like people, skill, experience, time, fund, registration, tax, marketing, nature of business, and analyse them in detail how it could cause the impact the plan or gain of them.

In our HR consulting, a detailed plan is derived from the business process of the client with respect to nature of the business in which how the employees of an organisation should be hired, treated, guided, benefited and explained the importance of the employees in the organisation.


Planning alone never help the system to function smoothly. Each phase of planning should be divided into processes. All processes of the recruitment stages are inter-connected each other which is called as recruitment plan. The steps of recruitment are as below

  • Requirement Gathering and Analysis
  • Budget Allocation for Manpower Resources
  • Recruitment Method & Strategies
  • Preparing of Job Description
  • Publishing Jobs on various portal
  • Identifying manpower resources by sourcing techniques
  • Communicating candidates who are looking out the job
  • Assessment on candidate's availability
  • Explaining Job Details to candidates
  • Validating Candidates Resume
  • Interviewing the Candidates
  • Shortlisting the best Candidates
  • Selecting the most suitable Candidates
  • Verifying Credentials of the candidate
  • Issuing and Acceptance of Offer
  • Follow up the Candidates who accepted the offer
  • Candidate Onboarding/Deployment

Hence, we could understand the processes are connected to form a plan. HR consulting provides a detailed plan to Recruitment, Payroll, Performance & Appraisal, etc, to execute the functionality or processes of each stage in HR department of the organisation.


After completion of consulting, it should be implemented to get the benefits to the organisation which reflects in business as results. The output of the proper consulting and implementation gives the positive sign in business. The client should follow the procedures or guidelines provided by the consulting team that would be one among best workflow suited for the business.

After deployment of the system newly developed, the consulting experts would handover all relevant documents, presentations, training manual and others to the client and sign off the services.

However, the services would be continued forever as agreed in SLA. Any deviation or correction can be done whenever applicable.